This is the Guild

Here’s the vision for the Guild…

Photography credit: Saskia Palmer

…Creative people of all persuasions from across the city, getting together, in a community without walls, tribes or hierarchy: sculptors will connect with graphic designers; artists will meet dancers; animators could collaborate with coders. We could join together in one shining, self-sufficient hubbub of creative energy, of making and doing, giving and taking, learning and teaching, and thrive.

As individuals, as businesses or organisations, as a whole sector, we’ll benefit from joining up, swelling in number, giving and getting so that we are all stronger, enhanced, supported, celebrated and visible across our city and way beyond.

The Guild will be an active, driving force in the city’s creative life – joining us together and raising us up. We want the world to know what the city is made of. Perhaps more importantly, we want the city to know what it has – this rich diversity of world-class talent, on the doorstep.