Business or organisation membership

Creative businesses, charities and organisations are very welcome to join the Guild. By connecting to each other and individuals you’ll benefit from all sorts of features, including a profile in our member listings.

To qualify, your membership must be set up by an existing individual member. This is so that the Guild remains primarily a body of individual creatives. We also thought it would make individual creatives feel more comfortable to attend our events, or to correspond with other members without their work hat on.

Join as an individual first, now!

Once you are signed up as an individual you can set up an organisation profile from your account page. There isn’t a limit on how many organisations one member can set up.


Businesses with a turnover of:

Less than £100k £80
£100k - £250k £200
£250k - £500k £350
More than £500k £500

For charities, not-for-profit, co-op, network, a group, band or collectives with a turnover of:

Less than £100k £30
£100k - £250k £100
£250k - £500k £250
More than £500k £350

As a business, this is what you’ll get, IN ADDITION to your individual membership benefits:

  • Your business or organisation profile

    Showcasing your work to members and the rest of the world who can find you, your business and your contact details on the website.

  • Events

    We’ll host at least four free large events for members each year as well as other smaller ones in between, some of which will be specifically created for the benefit of organisations.

  • Additional timebanking credit

    another 15 hours in the bank on joining! You can find more information on Timebanking here.

  • Jobs/Opportunities board

    Advertise your opportunities to members through the website.

  • Sponsorship opportunities

    Chance to work with the Guild on events and other opportunities.

  • Matchmaking service

    Connecting you to the work experience / interns / employees / project support / creative specialists you need.

  • Commissions and tenders

    Exclusive opportunities on offer from the Guild and others.

  • Discounts and offers

    Special offers, free tickets and discounts for you and your staff.

  • Advocacy

    The Guild will lobby on behalf of the membership and its best interests through links with other sectors, local politics and the national stage.

  • Community and Connections

    Meet other creatives individuals and organisations, join in exciting projects, find that talent you’ve been looking for.