The History and Governance of the Guild

Sheffield Creative Guild was founded in May 2015 however the idea from the Guild goes back a bit further than that…

In 2010, Sheffield lost its bid for City of Culture 2013 status, in spite of a rich cultural and creative history, a unique musical standing, a thriving creative scene, a penchant for deviation, innovation and a steely determination. In the light of the city’s loss, the idea of the Guild was born and the Culture Consortium was created – a group of the city’s cultural organisations, tasked to push our creative agenda and presence in the world.

A bid writing group made up of Consortium members, individual freelancers and small businesses was established to develop a body to unite all the creatives of the city, so our combined strength can nourish our own practice, help us grow, thrive and show the world what we’re made of. One successful Art Council England bid later, generous match funding from Sheffield City Council, the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University, and after a lot of consultation and discussion, the Guild was born.

So, ta-dah! Here we are. And we are growing and growing, in number, skill, potential and visibility.

Membership and Governance

The Guild is a registered co-operative and member of Co-operatives UK. The Guild is therefore utterly democratic and governed by its members who have a vote on key directives. The Guild hosts an Annual General Meeting (AGM) where the Board of Trustees is elected.

The Guild is a not for profit organisation and the membership fees we charge cover the running of the Guild and the events hosted. Therefore, the potential of our work will increase as membership revenue does – the Guild will invest all that revenue back into Guild activity – that means as we grow we’ll be able to offer more events, resources and facilities.

Guild people

You can search our directory of members to see the individuals, businesses and organisations who have signed up.