What the Guild can do for you!

Did you know 97% of our members would recommend us to a friend?!

Photography credit: Andy Brown

Here at the Guild we're all about building community and our members are too – we recognise that we're better together, but in order to keep going from strength to strength, we need people like you to get involved and join our growing ranks!

The Guild is for anyone that works under the huge umbrella of the creative sector. We have an open membership, meaning no matter where you are based or what you do, if you feel like the Guild is the place for you then we are delighted to welcome you in!

So what do you get for your membership?

  • Build your Profile

    Every Guild member gets a profile on our website, which is the first step to increasing your visibility and unleashing the potential of what the Guild can do of you. You can connect your profile to your web presence, include images of and information about your recent projects, and list your skills to advertise your services and abilities to not just other members but the outside world!

  • Connect with Others

    The Guild is all about bringing people together! Find other creatives from our member directory, searching either directly by name, or by skill, and then connect through their profile. Our message boards offer a great place for the community to connect with one another, asking questions, finding jobs, organising initiatives or just discussing life as a creative in Sheffield.

  • Use our Resources

    Self employed? Running a small business? Looking for funding? Fingers in a lot of pies? Working in the creative sector can be really tricky. Thankfully, our resources page is ready to help you out! We've collected all the most useful information to give you support and guidance on everything from where to get funding and go job hunting, to help for filling out your tax return. It's super useful, and always expanding!

  • Use Timebanking to get Stuff Done

    You can't do everything yourself! Our Timebanking platform offers a simple credits system for you to access the skills and knowledge you need to get the job done. Need code for your website? Looking for help with that funding bid? Not sure how to use Adobe Illustrator? Through the timebank you can simply access the advice and services of other members using the credits each new member receives.

  • Events! Events! Events!

    Work hard and play harder! We like to think we're a friendly bunch at the Guild, as we're always organising events for our members. The best part? Members get in free! In fact, we've organised a massive 19 events since we launched 8 months ago. From networking opportunities and parties to workshops to learn new skills, our members are always keen to get involved.

  • Use our Social Media

    Let's be friends! Follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook and stay up to date with all the events, opportunities and projects happening in and around Sheffield. We're always keen to know and share what our members are getting up to, promoting events and projects to our combined online audience of over 5,000 people.

  • Lobbying on your Behalf

    At the Guild we aim to raise the status of the creative sector throughout the region and beyond. We are constantly taking opportunities to advocate the great things our members do and the immense talent we have here. We also believe in strength in numbers. The more members we have the louder our voice and the further we can shout. Fair pay for artists? Lack of creativity in schools? Got an issue you want us to campaign for? As a member we are here to help lobby to the people who matter on your behalf.

  • One Member = One Vote

    Being a cooperative is great! It simply means that all our members are equal and in everything we do, we abide by the 7 Cooperative Principles. Members have an equal vote on any big decisions that the Guild makes. When it comes to the Board of Directors, any member can put themselves forward to be on the Board and once a year we hold an election where members vote for the Directors they want to represent them.

  • Not for profit!

    Here at the Guild we are not about profit, 100% of the income we generate from membership fees goes towards making the Guild what it is.

    The Guild wouldn't be the Guild without its members and we'd love for you to join us so we can keep growing, succeeding and offering more and more benefits to everyone involved.

    We have hundreds of members already, from artists and dancers, to producers and entrepreneurs. Join us to join all of them!

Listen to our Creative Champions!

Don't just take our word for it, listen to what our Creative Champions have to say about being a creative in Sheffield and why they joined the Guild.