Meet the Guild Team!

18th August, 2017
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Just who are you talking to when you contact Sheffield Creative Guild? Let us help you out...

Jane Shields - Development Manager, Sheffield Creative Guild https://sheffieldcreativeguild...

Favourite thing to make: I’m a big fan of textiles, I love sewing and dressmaking whether that’s following patterns or making it up as I go along. 

Favourite thing to watch: Obscure German cinema, no really. Failing that, a good BBC crime drama.

Favourite thing to listen to: Folky stuff, a lot of older bands, I inherited my music taste from my Dad.

Favourite thing to eat: Peanut butter, in any form.

Brett Chapman - Digital Producer, Sheffield Creative Guild https://sheffieldcreativeguild... 

Favourite thing to make: Films, especially ones about interesting stories or unique people.

Favourite thing to watch: I love good (or bad) romantic films or failing that, Predator.

Favourite thing to listen to: Emo music but not My Chemical Romance, like proper Emo music, you know.

Favourite thing to eat: Pad Thai.

Tell us a bit about yourself:

Jane: I trained as a theatre maker and worked as both as a director and performer before moving back to Sheffield in 2010. I then worked freelance and for a lot of different organisations in the city before setting up the Guild.

Brett: I trained as a journalist but always wanted to be a filmmaker. I've been making films for about eight years now. I have a little studio in Sheffield where I produce my movies alongside working for the Guild.

What are some of the things you do at Sheffield Creative Guild: 

Jane: Before Brett came along I was responsible for everything as I was the only member of staff but now that’s starting to change. Some of the main things I’m responsible for now are; arranging all the events, managing the membership, handling the finances, developing relationships in the city and creating new opportunities for the Guild and our members. 

Brett: I’ve only been with the Guild a little over a month so I’m still finding my feet but I’m mainly responsible for our social media, maintaining the content on our website and supporting Jane with our events and basically whatever she needs me to do! I’m also looking to expand what we do around video in the Guild since I’m a filmmaker in my other life.

Why did you start working with the Guild?

Jane: I’ve experience of being both a freelancer and working for small arts organisations in the city, I know what it’s like to be a creative in Sheffield. For me, I felt the Guild was the answer to a lot of the problems I’ve experienced; whether that was isolation or lack of support and advice, basic help with how to develop myself and my business or simply the lack of a network of people and skills. I really saw the potential of the Guild there. 

Brett: I was actually a member first and booked a lot of good work through the Guild so when I saw a vacancy open up I absolutely wanted to get involved. I’m all for what the Guild stands for and I’ve had personal experience of it helping me - I’d like to make sure other people get the same benefit from their membership.

What’s been the story so far? 

Jane: Obviously we’re two years down the line and we've developed a lot of exciting opportunities with our repertoire of events and activities. For me the timebank is still a really exciting resource that members can use to access so many diverse skills and specialities. We’ve had some great successes with it so far and I’d like to see that continuing to develop. We’re now fully embedded within both the creative and business sectors of the city and are developing some exciting partnerships which will really benefit our members.

Brett: I’ve been getting to grips with our membership and developing some new ideas and services with Jane. I’m really excited to be involved in the stuff we’ve got coming up and seeing how I can help to make it happen. I’d like to start being able to offer short promo videos as a perk of becoming a member, we’re hopefully going to put that out as an idea to the membership soon.

What’s a typical day look like working for Sheffield Creative Guild?

Jane: I know it’s a big cliche but there is no typical day working for the Guild! We work out of Union Street most of the time and a lot of my time is taken up meeting people and planning new activity. I tend to deal with member enquiries and try to keep up with everyone - we want to have genuine relationships with our member base. 

At the minute I’m doing a lot of work to increase our membership and secure some unique and exclusive opportunities for them. We’re working more as a sort of broker between creatives and businesses in Sheffield and I think that’s a really positive and exciting step for everyone. 

Brett: I don’t quite know just yet! I’m usually found researching opportunities for our members or managing our social media accounts. I’m looking forward to our next event so that I can get stuck in with that as well though. I also work out of Union Street so I enjoy throwing ideas around in there - we’re being really ambitious with what we want to do and I like that a lot.