Adventure Time with Sarah Lister

5th October, 2018
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Who are you and what do you do? What are you working on currently?

I’m Sarah Lister and I coach people to shape their career towards a life of adventure. I mostly work with people in their 30’s who want to move away from 9-5 jobs and towards a fulfilling career that makes a meaningful impact and brings more freedom. In October 2018 I will be facilitating these transformations with a new client in London. My current project includes leading workshops in Manchester and Sheffield focused on how to create a new career from scratch, and to support my coaching business I am a freelance social media manager for local businesses and creative people.

What do you think makes a great coach?

I think a great coach asks intuitive questions that breaks patterns and opens up new perspectives. I believe that as a coach it is important to detach from expectations and to create a safe space for people to have a voice. In my opinion a great coach focuses entirely on empowering people to make their own decisions based on grounded realisations. 

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What knowhow do people need to get started?

I think that the key thing to know from the start is that coaching is not an advice-giving service as many people believe. A coach asks break-through questions that facilitate personal transformation, without judgement or correction. You do not require a qualification or certificate to coach, but there is accredited training available if you want to learn more about it and how to ask powerful questions. Consider how you may already use coaching in your life and work, and discover more about it by being coached, researching online, or contacting me directly. Coaches work in many different ways so I think that creativity is an important starting point.

Any things to avoid?

Getting overwhelmed with information when you first start looking into being coached or becoming a coach. You will discover that there is an abundance of coaches, workshops, events and online sources, ranging from free to costing thousands of pounds. I recommend avoiding salesy headlines such as “Make millions in your first month” or “Follow this formula for instant success” and exhausting your time and money on loads of courses and events.

How should an absolute novice get started in your field?

I believe that asking why is key, and then everything else can grow from that. Why does coaching appeal to you? Look from within, rather than outside of yourself. Spend time connecting with your core values and create ideas from that. I was coached coach during the early stages of my career change which facilitated my new journey and gave me a really positive understanding of how coaching can help people. 

Sarah Lister

Tell us about your own work/favourite projects

I love to create adventures for my coaching sessions and where I live in the Peak District is an ideal space to do this. It is wonderful to encourage people to enjoy the outdoors, be inspired by nature, and build confidence physically as well as mentally. I have discovered that when I coach people outside everything flows better. I think that while outdoors people find it is easier to let go of things, to be more open-minded and creative, and feel more inspired.

I also really enjoy creating and delivering interactive workshops that bring like-minded people together and offer a refreshing approach to career and lifestyle changes. It is also a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and to have open, truthful conversations.

Where should people look to learn more?

I co-work in Sheffield near the train station and I love to meet in person so drop me a line to arrange a coffee or lunch with me sarah@sarahventurer.com or if you are feeling adventurous we can go for a walk in the Peak District where I live. 

To find out more about my coaching work head to www.sarahventurer.com

I am open to timebanking as a coach or as a social media assistant, and I am interested in connecting with other creative people for socialising and networking.