Creatives of Sheffield: Chris Boland

18th July, 2018
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"My name’s Chris Boland and I make sculptural jewellery. It all really comes from the stone because I sort of have to live with them for a while and try to find something special in them that I want to bring out."

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"I guess I’m also inspired by the metals and how I could work with them in interesting ways. There are a lot of industrial processes that inspire the work as well as geological processes like plate tectonics - it all factors in. That being said, my work is almost always inorganic.

"It’s very much two separate things, the stone and the metal. I’m inspired by how to display the stone but also what I can do with the metal, sort of like a separate but connected process."

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"I primarily make work because I want to make work, I do take on some commissions but they have to be the right sort - I don’t make the jewellery that just anyone wants me to produce. 

"I sell at shows and at galleries as well as online. I push my work a lot on social media which does drive people to the shows to the galleries - you just have to work at it."