Creatives of Sheffield: Illustrator Kate

16th October, 2018
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I work as illustrator Kate - I create illustrations by drawing and painting then scanning those works into the computer and building them up digitally. The ones I’m working on at the moment are a lot fo Sheffield  and Yorkshire scenes but I’ve started a series of camping and outdoors illustrations too. 

All of my work is quite inspired by my travels and the stories that I read about or hear on the way. Alongside that I’ve got a range of greeting cards that I produce and I’m really looking to expand that, I think it's an underrated form! 

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My inspiration mainly comes from my sketchbook so it's often something that I’ve drawn when I’m out and about that I finish later. I keep all of my ideas in a little book that I’ve started carrying around which is more of a way to not use my phone so much!

Last summer I was going round the parks in Sheffield doing some drawing and I ended up making a print out of them. Sometimes though it’s regular stuff like my holidays or a trip out that sparks the idea. 

I’m trying to do more work that’s just concept based as I don’t think I currently do enough of that. I think that’s why creating cards is quite nice because it allows a space for that kind of work. I actively want to do more work in that style and I feel more free to do it as people become familiar with what it is I do.

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I do a lot of stalls all around Sheffield - things like Christmas markets and Open Up. I’m forcing myself to do more instagram stuff too and get my posting up to once a day. Obviously I find the Guild events really useful for sharing my work too!

I sell my work in a few shops and galleries and since I was featured in Now Then magazine I saw a bit of a spike in the interest in purchasing my work - which was nice. It’s almost like people are piecing together bits they’ve seen of my work and realising ‘Oh that’s Kate!’

Find out more about Kate's work here.