Make your Guild membership pay

8th June, 2018
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If you've ever been to a Guild event there's a good chance that we've met - I'm Brett and I've been working for the Guild for about a year now but before that, I was a member.

Outside the Guild, I work as a freelance filmmaker - I've been doing that for about 8 years now. I work on all kinds of projects, everything from short-form documentaries to corporate promos so I look for new gigs all over the place and that's what first brought me to Sheffield Creative Guild.

I join the Guild in Dec 2016 and since then, simply through being a member, I’ve secured over £4,000 of work as a result of being found by clients through the website and successfully pitched for £16,000 of work that I’ve seen posted on the site.

Now, this isn’t a scumbag brag, I am keen to share with you what you can gain from being an active and engaged member of the Guild - I very much believe that what you get out is linked directly to what you put in.

Obviously, not everyone is a member solely to book work and there are plenty more benefits to membership than just that. Some of us are cultivating connections, using the Timebank or simply enjoy being part of a creative community.

I joined the Guild after getting back from recklessly travelling the world for a year like a big millennial idiot. I came back to Sheffield with no money and no real plan - but I knew I wanted to carry on my work as a freelance filmmaker. 

I did a bit of searching around where I could find freelance jobs up for grabs and that’s when I first discovered the Guild. I watched some videos on the website, saw some familiar faces and decided to take a punt on purchasing a membership.

I paid my fee and I set to work creating my profile. I found my least smug looking picture and filled in all my skills, timebanking preferences and work experience. With my profile up and running, I set about sharing it on my social media and website. I was genuinely excited to be part of a network of creatives.

When I needed advice on getting set up as a freelancer, I checked the resource section and I posted and responded to shout outs on the message board. If I had questions I’d email Jane directly and she’d respond and thank me for bringing it up.

I started to feel like I was part of something pretty cool that might actually be useful for me. One of the most important things for me early on though was the jobs section of the message board.

I found quite a few calls for people to pitch for video jobs and I applied for every single one and I was lucky enough to get a few - and that’s when things started to take off for me in Sheffield. 

Not long after that, a potential client got in touch with me asking if I was available for a video job - when I asked where they’d heard about me they said they’d found me via the member listing on the Guild website - another result.

I got in touch with Jane to thank her and tell her about the success I’d had using the site and she asked if I’d like to be featured on the blog. I said yes and was excited to be up on the website. Guess what happened after that? Yup. Even more people found me via the Guild.

It’s been nearly two years now and I’d say that I’ve managed to secure a heap of work that I would not have been able to if I had I not been a member. I've been able to pitch for numerous other jobs and have been approached multiple times for the same reason. On top of that, I've built up a huge network of friends, colleagues and collaborators, I've learned all kinds of new things and I feel part of a vibrant creative community. 

So why am I sharing all of this with you?

Because I want you to feel the same! I really do believe that what you get out of your Guild membership has a lot to do with what you put in. I put work into making sure my profile was detailed and up to date, with my skills all listed so I could be found via the search. I engaged with the social media and message boards and I had a go at timebanking. I reaped the rewards and I want you all to be able to as well.

My advice?

Keep your profile up to date
Add your skills so you can be found
Add a profile picture otherwise you’ll be at the bottom of the members page
Come to our events
Get timebanking - you have 10 credits - use them!
Use the message board to ask a question or find a job
Use the resources page to get support and information
Join our members only Facebook group
Follow our social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

And of course, keep in touch! We’d love to hear about any success stories you’ve had so far and hope for the continued success of all of our members!