Member Omar Aysha tells us all about MENDREP

22nd January, 2018
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We recently spoke with Guild member Omar Aysha to find out more about his new social enterprise, MENDREP.

What is MENDREP? 

MENDREP is a new social enterprise combatting underrepresentation in the media, the Silicon Valley way. What that means is that we use startup techniques and technologies, coupled with social media, to publish & promote audio-visual & written arts by or about underrepresented communities. 

So what will MENDREP do on a day-to-day basis? 

Basically, we’re a production house, focussed solely on underrepresented communities, as characters in stories, and as professionals bringing those stories to life. We completely bypass traditional industry channels to help storytellers profit from their art.

What do you mean when you talk about focussing solely on underrepresented communities? 

We use the term underrepresentation instead of say minorities, because underrepresentation can affect majorities as well. So of course BAME is a group that’s obviously under and misrepresented, but so are disabled people, women, Eastern Europeans, the working class, even Sheffield itself is underrepresented. 

What’s next for MENDREP? 

An enterprise like this will only succeed with a committed tribe co-creating, enabling and supporting it. And the nature of our product means our tribe will include everyone from lawyers, to graphic designers, app developers, marketing gurus, copywriters, investment specialists, and everything in between. We need you.

How can people get involved? 

If you like our mission and want more info, get in touch. If you think you can help – in any way – get in touch. If you know someone who you think can help, get in touch, or get them to get in touch. Even if you want to tell us why you think this’ll never work - get in touch!

To get in touch with Omar and MENDREP please contact: ayup@mendrep.org