Creatives of Sheffield: Annette Petch

12th February, 2019
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For our latest Creatives of Sheffield we had a chat with Annette Petch who designs and makes bespoke jewellery and small precious items, using recycled silver and gold.

I’m a jeweller and silversmith so I work almost exclusively with precious metals - I don’t work with stones and I really love things that have a real 3D feel, I don’t like anything flat.

In terms of where my work comes from, it’s always been natural forms for me. I’m also a Gardner so I’m very inspired by flowers, pods and seeds - the way they curl and twist and unfurl as they grow. There are certain things that I do over and over because I’m obsessed by certain shapes and textures and they reoccur in my work.

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I used to do paid advertising but I’ve found the best way is word of mouth or through my website - which isn’t actually a selling website - but it’s a route to have conversations. I also have a few galleries who like my style and they do really well for me, both showing my work through various seasons and taking commissions for me.

People tend to come to me because they’ve seen my work already and they like what I do but quite a big part of what I do is taking people’s old jewellery and turning it into a new piece so people can maintain their sentimental attachment to an item but have a whole new piece of work.