Meet our new Events Coordinator: Oriana Franceschi

23rd January, 2019
Oriana Edited
Oriana Franceschi - Sheffield Creative Guild's new Event Coordinator

What's your favourite thing to make?

I most enjoy making weird little felt animals for my cat, Petra von Kat, to play with and ultimately destroy. It’s not exactly high art but it’s very low-pressure (she’s not picky) and we both have fun. 

Favourite thing to watch?

I’m a big fan of New German Cinema, but also of Nora Ephron and Preston Sturges, so I suppose it really depends on my mood. Except in the case of Columbo, which I am always in the mood to watch. 

Favourite thing to listen to

Musically, I really love The Magnetic Fields, Jonathan Richman, Arthur Russell and Petula Clark. Podcast-wise, my favourites are You Must Remember This (about myths and super interesting true stories from Hollywood’s first century) and The Mystery Show (in which a very disarming host named Starlee investigates unusual wee mysteries that her listeners write in with). 

Favourite thing to eat?

Oh my gosh. Lasagne? My Dad’s sugo? My boyfriend makes a great spaghetti Bolognese… these are all tomato-and-beef-based pastas so I guess in brief that my favourite thing to eat is tomato-and-beef-based pastas.

Tell us a bit about yourself: 

I began working in programming and event production in 2014 when I moved to the Isle of Lewis to work at the island's art centre as a programmer. I came to live in Sheffield in March of last year and have since enjoyed working with Sheffield Doc/Fest and Cinema For All. I'm also on the programming and selection teams for Glasgow Short Film Festival and the Edinburgh Short Film Festival.

What are some of the things you're going to do at the Guild?

I’m really looking forward to getting involved with organising events here at the Guild. Working together with Jane and Brett, I hope that we can expand even further on what we offer members in terms of workshops, talks, classes and parties – and plenty else besides! The Guild’s membership is growing every day, and I feel lucky to be working on events that are not only catered to an audience with such varied, interesting tastes and needs, but also to have a huge pool of talented people to work with. 

Why did you start working for the Guild?

Since moving to Sheffield I’ve found the city has an amazing amount to offer in terms of arts and culture, and I love the grass-roots, community-led nature of so much that happens here. Through my work, I’ve also been lucky to work with and befriend lots of interesting, driven, talented people making unusual pathways in the creative industries. I’m really pleased to be working as part of an organisation that supports Sheffield’s creative scene and individuals, plus I love planning events so this job is pretty dreamy for me!

What are you hoping to do over the next year or so?

I’m only on my second day at the Guild but already I’ve had some really interesting conversations with members about their ideas for future events. Over the next year I’d like to continue these conversations - which will inform the direction(s) in which I take the events programme - and work with the rest of the Guild team to put together a diverse programme that will engage members in (I hope!) new and exciting ways. 

You can find Oriana's Guild profile here