Studio November Launches in Sheffield

2nd May, 2019

Tell us a little about Studio November.

We're Studio November, a co-working and event space on Carver Street that opened in April. Our aim is to build a community of freelancers, start-ups and small business owners and offer them services and facilities designed to help them grow and succeed in whatever it is they're working on. 

We're run by a team of freelancers based in Sheffield so we understand how working for a variety of employers in different workplaces and other public space such as Cafes and Libraries can take it's toll - freelancers, entrepreneurs and other remote workers can find themselves presented with a choice of whether to work from home and risk feelings of isolation from a lack of social interaction or work in a public place filled with distractions and interruptions. 

This is why we decided to develop a small office in Sheffield into a space specifically designed to meet the needs of professionals working without a permanent location. The space was built with collaboration and socialising in mind in the hope to offer an alternative to the opportunities for teamwork, networking and friendships found in a traditional workplace. 

We're also looking to work with other local businesses and creatives to host workshops, courses and events tailored towards helping our members and other professionals develop their skills and meet like minded individuals in the process.


Why do you like being based here in Sheffield?

We love the energy in the city and the way you can feel the creative presence all around it. It has a really welcoming, collaborative atmosphere and there's always something new popping up or going off. We also like that's it's a little more laid back than most other cities. It just has a really unique vibe, something that we've not felt in the same way elsewhere.

Tell us about the space you work in and what you do there?

Based in the old Harrison Brothers & Howson Cutlery works we've created a space that toes the line between office and home creating a unique environment that's the best of both worlds. We've filled it with locally sourced and reclaimed furniture and a small jungle's worth of plants to give it some real character and life.  More than just a desk and a power outlet, we wanted the studio to serve as a home away from home for our members. 


What’s your current offer on the spaces you have available?

We're currently running an introductory discount of 20% and also offer a 15% discount to students looking for a space to work from. We have a range of price points depending on how many days a week you need the space for, what kind of desk space you need and the type of membership you take on, so there's options to suit everyone. We give members discounted rates on other Studio November services such as the meeting room and event space. 

Oh and as a sweetener, we throw in a complimentary Independent Sheffield card to encourage our members to support local businesses.

Why did you want to be a part of Sheffield Creative Guild?

Joining the guild was a no-brainer for us as there's a lot of crossover in the work the guild does for Sheffield's creative community and the support we want to offer through our services and events. 

What’s next for Studio November? 

It's still early days for us and we're only just finding our feet but we're working on our events schedule as we speak and looking to involve as many local businesses and professionals. If you're interested in getting involved or just want to more info on what we do you can find us on instagram at @studionovembersheffield or online at www.studionovembersheffield.co...