Support Sheffield's Theatre Deli!

2nd July, 2019
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Last year alone Theatre Deli Sheffield put nearly £50,000 directly into the hands of artists to allow them to continue to produce ground-breaking theatre. In 2018 they supported 124 local artists and community groups in showcasing a variety of workshops, exhibitions, installations and performances.

Last summer they showcased their first family centric ‘pay as you feel’ festival at Sheffield’s Amphitheatre, which allowed families and children to access the arts without fear of financial boundaries. Theatre Deli also co-produced the third annual Migration Matters festival which celebrated culture, migration, identity and sanctuary over the course of 60 shows reaching an audience of around 7,000.

As they celebrate their 5th anniversary in Sheffield, Theatre Deli are looking to the future and the potential to further support artists and outreach to the communities, but it can't be done alone. Last year Theatre Deli Sheffield spent just over £220,000 to remain in city and that figure increases each year as small venues struggle to survive amidst rising costs. This year alone Sheffield has seen local performance venues close and cuts to government grants has attributed to the closure of over 600 charities nationwide. In order to secure Theatre Deli in the city and to build on the platform they've created, The Deli needs some help.

If each of their social media followers donated £10, they'd be able to continue and expand the opportunities they offer to early career artists and marginalised communities.

On Friday 28th June they launched their new funding campaign to raise money to secure the future of Theatre Deli in Sheffield. You can find out more about the fundraiser here!

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