Your Hour Is My Hour: Making the most of our timebank

1st March, 2019
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Our Timebank takes the exchanges, favours and interactions that many creative people already do and puts them in a system where everyone involved gets something tangible out of it.

It’s not about a direct exchange of skills, instead one person paying the other in credits for their services. When someone joins the Guild, they get 10 credits to spend by engaging the skills and services offered by the other members. 

It’s the same principle as any other type of monetary transaction but using the Guild credits instead of pound coins.

We spoke with some of our member’s who’ve used the time bank to find out what their experience was like and learn what they got out of the process.

Tracey Shibli 190121 071529

Tracey Shibli - Freelance Fundraiser and Administrator

I wanted someone to teach me how to use Eventbrite to sell tickets for our children's choir concerts.  I knew I could sit down and work out how to do it myself online but thought it would be quicker to ask someone to show me who used it regularly - so I turned to the timebank.

I learned more in an hour than I would have done teaching myself and got lots of top tips about the best ways to use the system.  It was also good to bounce ideas around about customer perceptions on pricing and the Eventbrite ‘surcharge'.

I now sell all of my event tickets online and the cost of doing it is well worth the saving in time and effort of selling tickets manually.

I’d like to see some speed-dating type sessions where members can meet each other and find out 1:1 what services are on offer.  It sometimes feels a bit hard to approach a complete stranger and ask them for help - that's why I asked somebody I already knew. But overall I say do it!  It's a really good way of learning a practical, new skill. 

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Karen Perkins - Creative, Social Media, & Life Coach at Karen Perkins Coaching

I’ve done quite a lot of timebanking; social media training, profile reviews, coaching and posting for people. I’ve provided business coaching & reviews and guided people towards finding their motivation. I myself had pottery lessons from Sarah Villeneau  and I’m in the process of deciding what to spend my credits on.

I got to meet other members & find out about their services, which I can, in turn signpost to my clients - I also got very positive feedback from the people I did timebanking work for which is good in terms of self care not to mention plus reviews and references . 

My view is that you need to dip your toe, and get into the mindset that timebank work is exactly the same as other paid work. I offer the exact same quality ( hopefully ) to clients whichever route they choose. 

Meeting other creatives, learning about their services & contacts, increasing my knowledge, getting great feedback & ideas to improve my business, collaborations - it’s all happened thanks to the timebank!

The Flying Teddy Bear Woman Edited 1

Carmel Page - Author, Storyteller, Artist,  Community Artist , The Flying Teddy Bear Woman

I used the time bank to get a drumming lesson and social media advice and I found it really good both times. I think that it’s a brilliant concept and absolutely something that I recommend to other people. It increased my confidence with a drum to the level where I now feel comfortable using it in a story telling setting. I was also able to massively increase my understanding of social media through the time bank - I’m still on the road to implementing that one though!

You can learn even more about the timebank here.