Digital Events Statement

23rd June, 2020

Last updated 23/06/2020

Sheffield Creative Guild’s Digital Events Statement

Sheffield Creative Guild are aware of security concerns around Zoom and are staying up-to-date on developments.

Using Zoom

We have opted to use Zoom as it is the most purposeful platform for our events and meetings. All events and meetings will have a Waiting Room and password enabled for additional security measures, and don’t require Zoom Registration to protect your privacy.

It is up to you if you would like to use Zoom for your interaction with us. Please let us know your preferred mode of communication when meeting with us - we’re happy to accommodate your preferences.

Event Registration

To keep events accessible, all registrations will be made via Eventbrite or directly through the Sheffield Creative Guild website. You’ll receive a direct link to join a meeting - this link does not require you to register for a Zoom account to join.

Photography + Recording During Events

We may take photos of the screen during our events - the host will notify you in these instances, giving you the option to turn your camera off if preferred. 

Fellow attendees may take photographs, videos and screengrabs throughout the event. The host cannot monitor these instances. If you do not wish your likeness to be captured and are concerned, we recommend keeping your video off for the duration of the event.

Most events will be recorded and made available at a later date. Only those who are speaking will be featured in this recording. If this is you and you do not wish to be recorded, please contact us directly.

Get in touch

If you want to attend an event but do not wish to do so via Zoom, or if you want to ask any further questions, get in touch at Oriana@sheffieldcreativeguild.com