Lockdown Diaries: Oriana Franceschi

7th May, 2020

As we head into week 6, our Programme Manager, Oriana, tells us what she's reading, eating and watching during the lockdown

WATCHING → I took advantage of the three months' subscription for £1 deal that Mubi announced at the start of the lockdown so I've been watching a lot of films on there and enjoyed their Jean-Pierre Melville season

I've also watched a couple of streams of plays: namely NT Live's Frankenstein last night and It's True, It's True, It's True, about the trial of the rapist of Baroque painter Artemisia Gentileschi which I'd really recommend.

Also I watched the entirety of Love is Blind on Netflix while drinking wine with my housemate. You know what? I'd recommend that, too. 

Its True Its True Its True 09 Photo By Richard Davenport
It's True, It's True, It's True

READING → I've been reading a huge biography called The Private Life of Lord Byron by Antony Peattie, which has been super interesting, as well as a Western / horror comic book series called Pretty Deadly (written by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Spanish artist Emma Ríos), which is cool. Also I read Cassandra at the Wedding by Dorothy Baker which I loved and which Kate's lovely partner lent to me! 

EATING → Oh, everything. I bought a pasta maker just before lockdown started, when I heard about the pasta shortages, so that's been seeing a lot of action. Also I order lots of curries now. 

MAKING → My band, Shelley Byron and the Poison Sleep recorded a song under lockdown and my housemate and I made a music video which the wonderful Michalina Kubiak edited for us. If you'd like, you can take a look here. We're in the process of making another just now, so that's exciting.

AND FINALLY, TELL US ABOUT YOUR WORKSPACE → Sometimes it's a bed. Sometimes it's a sofa. And occasionally it's even a desk. But always it is disrupted by the maddening paws of Petra von Kat. 

Img 1408
Petra von Kat, not afraid to let her co-workers know just what she thinks of them