The Beginnings of Brand with Heather Ditch

25th June, 2020

Free to download is the document outlining Heather Ditch's guide to The Beginnings of Brand, from her talk on 25 June 2020. Members can watch the full recording of this talk on the tutorials section of our website.

Just starting out or developing a brand? Wondering what to tell the world about you, your business, project or product? Or maybe you’re working on a brand design project for someone else? This workshop looks at the basics of brand – what does brand mean, why does it matter, what should it tell the world and how can you start to explore and express your own?

We’ll look at some incisive questions you can use to dig into and test your brand thinking, helping you define your messaging, offer, and the brand you use to communicate and sell. 

You can download the full PDF document here.