22 Jun

Let’s Get Coffee! with DINA

Tuesday 22 June 2021,   12:00 pm – 1:00 pm



Members only


Let’s get coffee with DINA! Pour yourself a coffee or your beverage of choice and join us for one of our regular hang outs. These are an opportunity to socialise with other Guild members and hear about what’s going on in the Guild community and wider Sheffield arts scene. This month our guests are the wonderful DINA venue.

On 22 June we’ll be hearing from Deborah Egan, the woman behind DINA:
DINA will be opening its doors on June 25th when Quotes For Hope will be on exhibition in the gallery space and the artist, Sally Wilson, will be available to chat about this collaboration between some of Sheffields most famous and city pre-schoolers! We will also have the bar open and a few monumental surprises in terms of images, collaboration opportunities and our programme for this year! We’re excited, we hope you are!

Following Deborah’s talk, we’ll update you on what the Guild has been up to and finish off the session with some time to chat with other members.

Do let us know if you have any news you’d like us to share, or that you’d like to share on the day! You can email [email protected]