13 Jan

Virtual Events: Hosting in Practice

Thursday 13 January 2022,   1:00 pm

Free to attend

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This event is free to attend and will be hosted on the Guild’s website for members to view at their leisure. You can read more about membership here.

Hosting events online can be a great way to expand your audience and explore how you interact with them, however key elements of event hosting can be neglected due to the efficient and immediate nature of hosting events remotely.
This facilitated workshop will focus on developing a practical and purposeful approach to hosting virtual events, how to maximize use of hosting platforms (specifically Zoom) and build confidence in your presentation skills. We will discuss best practice principles, touch on safeguards and accessibility, and explore how you might best approach formatting your event to optimize engagement and ultimately deliver a virtual experience which meets the purpose you wish it to fulfil.

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This session will be hosted by Anna Gormezano Marks

‘I am an Artist and freelance Creative Consultant based in Edinburgh, UK.

Over the past five years, I have seen the Scottish/UK creative & cultural third sector shift rapidly across industries, especially in the wake of the COVID era.

In this fast changing climate, I am grateful to have been part of the monumental efforts to support and connect creative individuals and communities with opportunities to unlock the value in their experiences while building strong community connections, while understanding how and what success looks like when it involves lifting others.

In more recent years, I have supported on developing routes to public funding for the purpose of supporting independent collaborative projects and sustainability modelling, spanning the breadth of the creative & cultural sector.

Much of my work has involved exploring systems to illustrate the contribution and resilience of the activity across the creative industries, strengthening the perceived value of the creative sectors and pushing for further opportunities to be made available between creative + tech ecosystems.

More importantly, this works aims to unlock the societal impacts that investing in these individuals has and their potential to shape our future.

With personal experience and a rich understanding of what it means to be a freelance creative in Scotland/ UK, my work aims to provide the space to explore personal ambition, stimulate curiosity and explore the practicalities of building a sustainable creative business with confidence and purpose.’

If you have any questions about this session, feel free to contact [email protected]

These workshops are being delivered thanks to the support of he Sheffield Culture Consortium and the Freelancer Fund