Circus 62

Victoria Works Rowland Street, S3 8DE Sheffield
10:00 am - 22nd March, 2017
Circus62 Is a focused day of inspiration, discussion, circus participation, dreaming, plotting, food and a scratch night, hosted by Pif-Paf, Victoria Works and Civic Barnsley.

The aim to is to bring the circus community in this area of the North together, mixing talent, expertise, experience, opportunities and a better understanding of each others’ resources and needs. A perfect chance to set the new year in motion and share all of the news we know you all have.

In a packed schedule we’ll have two tasty meals, a chance to see new works in progress, an inspirational talk from Wired Aerial, open space sessions and taster workshops from Trapeze for Circus producers to Arts Council surgery for Acrobats to in depth discussion on the role of dance in Circus development.

There will be a wealth of inspiring people, a beautiful venue and an open and generous atmosphere bringing all the parts of the contemporary circus profession together in this region.

Circus62 is focussed on but not limited to the cohesive belt of the UK called the “M62 Corridor” from Liverpool to Hull and Leeds to Derby and Nottingham. The event is not funded and relies on us all bringing our act to the party.

There is a small fee of £20 to cover the two meals and costs for the day.
Please ALL bring PE kit or a doctor’s note!

Booking via The Civic Barnsley - www.barnsleycivic.co.uk
or call 01226 327000
for any other enquiries contact Pete Gunson at Pif-Paf - pete@pif-paf.co.uk
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