How to… Know Your Type to Play to Your Strengths

Theatre Deli, 202 Eyre St, Sheffield S1 4QZ
2:00 pm - 18th September, 2019

As freelancers, we need to communicate effectively to a lot of different people.

Our whole working environment is different from the traditional 9-5 job and our days are structured differently too. How do we identify our key strengths in order to get the best out of our relationships and communications? And where should we ideally be working, and who with?

This is a two-hour interactive workshop using principles of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator to identify our own unique personality type. We’ll look at how to communicate better as freelancers and how to recognise and embrace our differences.

Using the theory of psychological types outlined by Katherine Myers and Isobel Briggs – (a mother-daughter team who created this system as a plea for greater tolerance between nations after WW2) – you will get an understanding of your individual “best fit” type and how that drives you. It’s not always what you’d expect!

Expect 3D glasses and plasticine as well as tips for your best working environment, recharging your creative batteries and making a pitch.

Melanie Pearson is a freelance writer, artist and trained counsellor in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, a psychometric assessment designed to help people better understand themselves and each other.

Places for this workshop are very limited so book yours now!

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