How to... Transcend the (mind) Bullsh*t with Steve Anwar

Theatre Deli, 202 Eyre St, Sheffield S1 4QZ
2:00 pm - 18th September, 2019

Designed to unlock creative potential while boosting energy and wellbeing, Steve Anwar's dynamic meditation-making workshops use the Sapien Method to help creative people unblock their mind and reawaken their inner artist. The sessions are designed to wipe the mind/slate clean, tune in and engage the suppressed intuitive mind.

Fed up of feeling mentally stuck from his own design perfectionism; the need to produce amazing work; the relentless pressures to perform well, to be more productive, to deliver the goods combined with the constant distractions of technology and the never ending to do list... these are all factors that frustrated Steve’s work on a constant basis.

Tapping into his 13 + years of meditation training/experience he began experimenting with his own design process infusing it with meditation and mindfulness techniques. He then started applying it to his work routine - the results were profound. Pressures started to dissolve and Steve began experiencing heighten creativity, greater freedom and re-ignited his passion for art.

What is the Sapien Method?

The Sapien Method is a simple yet powerful overlapping process using the 3 pillars of Meditation, Play and Art.

1 / Space/Meditation - We use meditation to take us beyond the thinking rational mind, away from non-stop thoughts to a state of stillness, silence and spaciousness.

2 / Playful Making - Spontaneous making, drawing, painting allows us to tap into the unconscious mind bringing a sense of freedom or primal creativity allowing fresh ideas to form effortlessly.

3 / Art - The outcomes from the previous steps can be developed into playful artworks, paintings, objects or sculptures either as individuals or groups.

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