Let's Get Coffee! with Genevieve Carver and Jessica Gibson

9:00 am - 12th November, 2020

FREE to Sheffield Creative Guild members. A Zoom link and password will be sent to you in advance of the session.

Pour yourself a coffee or your morning beverage of choice and join us for one of our regular morning hang outs. These are an opportunity to socialise with other Guild members and hear about what's going on in the Guild community and wider Sheffield arts scene.

On 12 November, poet and spoken word artists Genevieve Carver and multi-disciplinary artist, writer and performer Jessica Gibson will share with us new of a production they've been working on:

How the media, Reality TV and celebrity obsession affects and distorts our confidence and self-esteem: A show titled ‘Reality’…

During our research and development phase we’ve been looking at insecurity, shame and not feeling ‘good enough’, particularly through the lens of a young woman living in the age of technology. With multiple opinions, overstimulation, Love Island and filters, this performance looks at Internet popularity, fear of failure and our projections of ourselves online. How do we cope with it all?

We want this brand-new piece of work to make people laugh and spark a conversation about 21st century television and media. Offering a release from the absurdity of the world and the pressures of perfectionism, we hope to alleviate some of the pressures we are also putting on ourselves in relation to performance, presentation, career goals and ‘living our best lives’.

Following Jess and Gevi's talk, we'll update you on what the Guild has been up to and finish off the session with some time to chat with other members.

Do let us know if you have any news you'd like us to share, or that you'd like to share on the day! Your can email oriana@sheffieldcreativeguild.com

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