Thank you for being a part of the Guild, and for helping it to achieve all that it has. We understand you may have questions. Below are some FAQs regarding the Guild’s closure and how it may affect you.

  • What happens if I say ‘No’ to closing the Guild?

If we do not get 75% of our membership to agree to close the Guild, the Guild may be forced to become insolvent (meaning an organisation is unable to repay money owed and fulfil its financial liabilities) or would become dormant as a trading company without a Board or access to funding.

  • Can I get a refund on my membership fees?

Members who pay annually for their membership who have been charged since the 15th May 2022 can request a refund by contacting the Guild at [email protected] by midday 12th August 2022. At this point, every penny really counts, so if you wish to donate your membership payment, we’d really appreciate it.

  • What will happen to my profile and personal information?

In collaboration with the Culture Consortium, we are exploring the possibility of retaining and transferring your creative profiles to an alternative platform/website. We can only do this if 75% of our membership votes to voluntarily close the Guild and if you agree to your profile and personal data to be transferred over to the Culture Consortium. If you do not consent for your profile and personal data to be transferred, your profile and all personal data will be deleted immediately upon closure.

  • What will happen to 2022’s existing programming?

Sadly, we have canceled all of our planned events and workshops. We have notified the participants and workshop leaders/creatives of these events and we apologise for any disappointment caused.

  • Why does the Guild need to close?

Due to the reduction of external grant funding and the financial pressures of the last few years as a result of the pandemic, the Guild’s business model is no longer sustainable. Please see our full statement, which provides background to the decision to close, in the downloadable pdf below. You will also have been sent the statement directly by email.

To close the Guild in a measured way and to enable us to support the staff fully, we do need the agreement of 75% of our membership; we really appreciate your taking the time to fill in the short Google form below which will make this possible, as a final show of support.

If you have any further questions that haven’t been answered in our FAQs, please email us at [email protected].