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Regular rate

£79 per year
£20 per quarter
(equivalent to £6.66 a month)

Everyone in the Guild is equal, everyone joins as an individual, whether you are a student or run an organisation you first must register as an individual member.

This is a vital means of keeping the Guild’s interests balanced and non-hierarchical. It also means that the community we are so keen to nurture is one of people and personalities, not faceless businesses.

Concession rate

£39 per year
£10 per quarter
(equivalent to £3.25 a month)

We have really tried to make the Guild affordable for everyone. We are aware that as a creative it is sometimes hard to make a living and so we are keen to offer a concessionary membership rate for those people on a low income.

Concessionary membership is for anyone whose annual income is less than the Income Tax Personal Allowance (Currently £11,000 a year)

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We are currently developing a new organisation membership: Find out more.

Student membership

It’s really important to the Guild that we support and embrace the fresh creative talent emerging in our colleges and unis, and support their transition to the working world. We work closely with HE in the city, and would love to see their students join us, giving and taking from the Guild community.

  • Sheffield Hallam University
  • The University of Sheffield

£20 per year
(equivalent to £1.66 a month)

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Top 5 reasons to join…

  1. Community

    Join the Guild and you join everyone else – and together our collective strength makes us more self-sufficient, visible and powerful.

  2. Events

    From networking meets to workshops, speaker led events to showcases, there are plenty of events for members to be part of.

  3. Timebanking

    An incredible alternative to the traditional, straight-up buying and selling of skills. Through our timebank you can access skills, learn new things and get stuff done!

  4. Visibility

    Access new clients and audiences, sell yourself, your work and skills, not just to members but to the rest of the world.

  5. Support

    From Guild workshops, masterclasses and online resources to becoming part of a whole network of peer to peer support - Our community is a rich learning resource!

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And there will be more…

As we grow, so will our potential to give back to our membership. The Guild is a not for profit organisation and the membership fees we charge cover the running of the Guild and the events hosted.

Therefore, the potential of our work will increase as membership revenue does – the Guild will invest all that revenue back into Guild activity – that means as we grow we’ll be able to offer more events, resources and facilities.

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