Lockdown Diaries: Heather Ditch

We caught up with Heather Ditch, brand planner, copywriter and head of the SCG board, to find out what she’s been up to over the last few weeks.

Grayson’s Art Club

WATCHING → I’m too slow to the controls and I never get to choose… so, Killing Eve and lots of comedy – Gameface and This Country have kept us in catchphrases. Grayson’s Art Club brings joy but mostly I’m transfixed by social media takes on the news. I can’t watch the actual news it’s too enraging / saddening / disappointing. But I can watch everyone translate it… loving what Sarah Cooper and Meggie Foster are doing with this new lip synch format on Twitter…

READING → Two books down since lockdown – Benjamin Myers’ Beastings first (the rawest thing I’ve ever read), then The Offing, which was sweet and soothing. Now for more calming calmness Rob Macfarlane’s The Old Ways… lining up Adele Stripe’s Black Teeth and a Brilliant Smile, based on the life of writer Andrea Dunbar… but like lots of people right now I’m having trouble concentrating and absorbing, so I’m mostly reading and re-reading the same four lines on a loop…

MAKING → We had a little crafty moment – the shine’s worn off though, but we made loads of these wool and wood things… loads. Not sure what to with them now. And I made this visually impressive six layer rainbow cake for my daughter’s birthday. It took 5 hours. It was horrendous. And it tasted awful. But it looked grand.

AND FINALLY, TELL US ABOUT YOUR WORKSPACE → I have a little place at Sum Studios and work alone so could go in but I have to be around to ruin my daughter’s education at home, so I have a desk set up in a corner of my bedroom that used to be a built-in wardrobe. I’m literally in a cupboard. Helps me concentrate though, especially when the sun’s out.

Working from the wardrobe with little to no assistance from Benny the dog