Lockdown Diaries: Oriana Franceschi

As we head into week 6, our Programme Manager, Oriana, tells us what she’s reading, eating and watching during the lockdown.

It’s True, It’s True, It’s True

WATCHING → I took advantage of the three months’ subscription for £1 deal that Mubi announced at the start of the lockdown so I’ve been watching a lot of films on there and enjoyed their Jean-Pierre Melville season

I’ve also watched a couple of streams of plays: namely NT Live’s Frankenstein last night and It’s True, It’s True, It’s True, about the trial of the rapist of Baroque painter Artemisia Gentileschi which I’d really recommend.

Also I watched the entirety of Love is Blind on Netflix while drinking wine with my housemate. You know what? I’d recommend that, too. 

READING → I’ve been reading a huge biography called The Private Life of Lord Byron by Antony Peattie, which has been super interesting, as well as a Western / horror comic book series called Pretty Deadly (written by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Spanish artist Emma Ríos), which is cool. Also I read Cassandra at the Wedding by Dorothy Baker which I loved and which Kate’s lovely partner lent to me! 

EATING → Oh, everything. I bought a pasta maker just before lockdown started, when I heard about the pasta shortages, so that’s been seeing a lot of action. Also I order lots of curries now. 

MAKING → My band, Shelley Byron and the Poison Sleep recorded a song under lockdown and my housemate and I made a music video which the wonderful Michalina Kubiak edited for us. If you’d like, you can take a look here. We’re in the process of making another just now, so that’s exciting.

AND FINALLY, TELL US ABOUT YOUR WORKSPACE → Sometimes it’s a bed. Sometimes it’s a sofa. And occasionally it’s even a desk. But always it is disrupted by the maddening paws of Petra von Kat. 

Petra von Kat, not afraid to let her co-workers know just what she thinks of them