Meet Our Members: Steve Anwar

Sheffield Creative Guild member Steve Anwar tells us about his recent success, a ‘pinch me’ moment installing a sculpture at Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Last week we installed our winning submission for ‘a new sculpture in Yorkshire’ project at Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The sculpture is the result of a joint commission set by YSP and a private collector. The artwork will stay at the park in one of their private gardens to allow the corten steel to develop / rust, before it then goes to its new home at the private collectors’ estate. Having a sculpture at YSP has been a personal dream for many years, so this was a ‘pinch yourself’ moment in Sapien’s short but supersonic history.

The steel sculpture was originally inspired by a famous Sufi poem called Only Breath, which takes apart the layers of what it means to be a breathing human being. The cylindrical form pays homage to our core life cycles and connection to Mother Nature.

The private commissioner requested to change the original wording to another short poem, something much more personal to them, hence the change of words / appearance. This is the beauty of the spoken word. Words carry so much subjective meaning and without the breath there would be no words at all. So we happily obliged! And now Only Breath has passed onto the next sculpture that we are currently making in Sheffield.

The expressiveness of cortex steel was the perfect selection for this commission. Giving a living / breathing dimension to the artwork, reacting with the oxygen in the air to become covered in a unique rust patina performed only by time.

Metals reflect their own journey through time and space, bringing to life the question of birth, life and death, and highlighting the transient nature of existence here on earth.

Established in 2012 Sapien Studio is the creative outlet of Designer-Maker-Artist Steve Anwar. Based in Sheffield, the heart of England’s industrial north, the studio produces sculptural furniture objects, art installations & bespoke interior commissions, fusing industrial materials and processes with high quality craftsmanship.