Meet Our New Communications Officer: Jessica Sinclair

Favourite thing to listen to:
I love podcasts, especially any relating to scams or cults. At the moment, I’m enjoying listening to British Scandal, American Scandal, Conspirituality and Bad Bets. Music wise, I enjoy Dodie, Phoebe Bridgers, Chloe Moriondo and Japanese Breakfast.

Favourite thing to eat:
Ooh, depends on my mood! But broth soups like chicken noodle soup and Pho are my go to comfort meals.

Tell us a bit about yourself
I moved to Sheffield in January 2020 (terrible timing I know!) after living in Cambodia for 2 years, as I love the creative community here as well as the proximity to the Peak District. I’m also an illustrator and a tarot reader, and have been working on designing book covers. I am currently in the midst of creating my own deck of tarot cards!

What are some of the things you’ll be doing at Sheffield Creative Guild?
I’ll be working on marketing and raising the profile of the Guild in Sheffield, as well as engaging current and potential members with the work of the Guild. The creative community in Sheffield is so eclectic and diverse, and I’m really looking forward to marketing that to Sheffield and beyond!   

Why did you start working with the Guild?
Since moving to Sheffield, I’ve been craving a sense of community and meaning in my work. Being a freelancer gets a bit isolating, so getting to be a part of a growing organisation is exciting to me! I also really enjoy working with individuals, especially creatives, so I’m excited to connect with more Guild members to hear about their work.

What are you hoping to do over the next year or so?
I’d love to highlight the work of Guild members, especially any collaborations that have happened from networking events. I’d also love to create more information and knowledge sharing opportunities, specifically highlighting any first-time freelancer pitfalls so others don’t make the same mistakes!