Meet Our New Communications Officer: Kate Wood

Kate Wood, our new Communications Officer

Favourite thing to watch:
I spend a lot of my spare time watching films. Some favourites include: But I’m A Cheerleader, What’s Up Doc and Paper Moon, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and basically anything with Barbara Stanwyck.

Favourite thing to listen to:
I binge podcasts and am an avid listener of Reply All, You Must Remember This, The Creep Dive, Who? Weekly, You Were Wrong About (I could go on…). In terms of music, I love Jonathan Richman, Arthur Russell, and Sufjan Stevens.

Favourite thing to eat:
Rachel Roddy’s twice cooked broccoli pasta

Tell us a bit about yourself
I’m fairly new to Sheffield, moving here last July after living in Brighton for almost ten years. With my other hat on, I’m a film programmer and have spent the last few years working for Brighton Film Festival and curating the cinema programme at Towner Eastbourne (which I still do remotely!).

What are some of the things you’ll be doing at Sheffield Creative Guild?
My role is a new one for the Guild, which is exciting. I’ll be concentrating both on marketing, helping to raise the profile of the Guild across Sheffield, and developing and pursuing new revenue streams.

Why did you start working with the Guild?
Since moving, I’ve been continuing to work remotely on various projects in the South East, so I’m excited to start working for a creative organisation actually in Sheffield and to start feeling a little more connected to the arts community here. The Guild seems like the perfect place to throw myself in!

What are you hoping to do over the next year or so?
I would love to hear from members to find out what it is they love about the Guild and where they feel we could be better supporting them. Sheffield Creative Guild is at a really exciting point of growth so I am excited to help encourage that.