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Jessica Matthews

Theatre-maker and practitioner / Translator

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Fran Green

Web Designer and Illustrator

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Magdalena Lopuszanska

Freelance Graphic Designer and Photographer

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Polly Ives


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Tilly Reith

live~digital director

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Cathy Spiers

Social Arts Practitioner

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David Harris

Artist / Filmmaker

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Joe Boylan

Theatre-maker / Actor / Facillitator

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Ed Cartledge

Filmmaker/Video Producer/Camera Operator & Musician

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David Gilbert

Freelance Curator / Producer / Educator

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Stella McKenna

Community builder & facilitator

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Alison McHale

Maker of quirky and vibrant aprons for creative people.

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Anna Kime (she/her)

Artist / Sculptor / Writer / Cinema and Audience Development Consultant / Freelancer / Campaigner

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Ellen Sargen

Contemporary composer and flautist

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Luke Neve

Creative communications consultant

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Molly Jones

Muralist & Illustrator

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