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Alastair Flindall

Illustrator / Designer / Muralist / Arts & Music Events Coordinator / Workshop Facilitator

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Angie Hardwick

Freelance Visual Artist

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Madeleina Kay

Artist, Writer, Musician, Activist.

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Joanna Whittle

Fine Artist (Painter)

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Emily Thew

Creative facilitator & access consultant/ Programme Manager at RivelinCo

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Heather Ditch

Brand planner and copywriter

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Cara McAleese

Creative producer, project manager

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Allan Noy

Graphic Designer, UX Designer, Illustrator, Composer

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Omar Aysha

Filmmaker, Writer, Business Righter

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Matt Giordano-Bibby

Freelance Branding and Graphic Designer

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Sophie Hunter

Facilitator, evaluator, consultant, maker, drama specialist - usually found working in CYP sector

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Michalina Kubiak

Filmmaker | Photographer | Tarot Reader

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Lyndon Watkinson

Digital Artist, Designer, and Writer

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Ruth Nutter

Creative Producer & Practitioner

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Carmel Page

Author - Storyteller - Artist - Community Artist - The Flying Teddy Bear Woman

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Andrew Pritchard

Photography, filmmaking, 3D design, motion capture and animation

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Paul Boardman

Freelance Graphic Designer

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