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Philippa Willitts

Freelance writer, editor and proofreader

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Zelda Hannay

dramaturg, writer, theatre-maker, lecturer, research fellow, administrator

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Nathan Ritson

Prop Maker, Story Teller,

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Louise Walker

Knitter, Designer

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Jordan Carroll

Filmmaker & Director of Photography

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Emma Forbes

Illustrator /Designer / Etsy Seller

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Sam McKinstrie

Writer-Filmmaker, Wrestling enthusiast

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Martyn Rotherham

Artist, Illustrator, 3dsMax modeller.

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Sophie Hunter

Facilitator, evaluator, consultant, maker, drama specialist - usually found working in CYP sector

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Murray Royston-Ward

Tripping on Wires (audio electronics, sound art, music, research)

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Rose Wilcox

Head of Programming at The Leadmill

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Molly Jones

Muralist & Illustrator

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Sarah Sharp

Theatre Producer

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Eric Dinandt

Illustrator and designer

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Charlie Richards

Freelance Photographer and Session Guitarist

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