Artwork Proposals for “Reimagining Paul” – Sheffield Institute for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies

Posted on: 08/03/2022

Up to £10k is available to produce visual media for a public engagement exhibition that seeks to reimagine the apostle Paul by depicting some of his various self-descriptions.

This is an exciting opportunity to spark discussion about the nature of masculinity and the reception of biblical texts, bringing life to academic research on biblical masculinities in a publicly accessible format.

The project intends to inspire fresh imaginings of the apostle within the contested area of
religion and gender in the form of newly commissioned art. It is planned that the work will tour
several cathedrals later this year in the form of an exhibition, inspiring dialogue on biblical texts
and their relationship to contemporary conversations about gender.

Deadline: Friday 11th March 2022

Download the full artist brief:
Reimagining Paul – Sheffield Institute for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies (PDF)

For a conversation about the project, contact Grace Emmett via email [email protected]