Graphic Designer – Onboard skatepark Sheffield Ltd

Posted on: 20/07/2022

We are a not for profit company that is a “alternative education provision” for young people aged 5 years-18 years experiencing mental health barriers, excluded from school, vulnerable to criminal/ sexual exploitation. Our success is incredibly high, 90% go back into education and employment for doing short intervention at the skatepark.

We do this by delivering education through extreme sports – BMX, Skate, scootering, graffiti and inline skating.

We have put together a “toolkit” on how to help other skateparks develop this concept – to help their sustainability but mainly to allow as many young people as possible to access this form of support.

We only have a small fund to get this toolkit put into a “proper format” that we can share online – it is currently in pdf format and needs someone with a creative flare to look over it and help make it reader friendly with potentially a few illustrations if they felt appropriate and link the policies that are in the annex to the toolkit so people can click on and access what they need without scrolling too far.

Our budget is £1k including VAT.

Contact: Amy Cooper: [email protected]