Save the Children: Brief for artist to work with Save the Children on co-design project

Posted on: 11/11/2021

Save the Children are looking for a local artist who can work with families from diverse backgrounds to explore
ideas around support for children age 0-2. We are hoping to run workshops both in the community with
parents, and in schools. We want to run these workshops in Nov/ Dec.

To express interest or for more information, please contact Anna Rahilly as soon as possible:
[email protected]

Our Sheffield Early Learning Community is based in Locality B, which is made up of three wards: Burngreave,
Firth Park, Shiregreen and Brightside. Here, levels of child poverty are particularly high and that can have a
devastating impact on children’s early learning and development. Challenges with children’s early speech,
language and communication are putting significant pressure on support services in Locality B.

Sheffield is also home to strong leaders and a skilled early years workforce who are willing to do things
differently. One organisation alone cannot create the scale of change that children deserve. Through our Early
Learning Community, we’re working together to tackle the causes – not just the symptoms – of poor early
learning levels in Sheffield.

We want to improve speech, language, and communication, as well as social and emotional learning outcomes
for children in Sheffield, aged 0-2. We’ll do this by working in partnership with parents and professionals,
ensuring services work together to support families, strengthening a skilled workforce, and building pride and
aspirations in communities.

Co-design project
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