Sheffield Classical – Coordinator

Posted on: 22/06/2021

This role is intrinsic to connecting with all our members, from big choirs with large committees to small groups that meet occasionally in homes.

We want to continue developing deeper relations with current members as well as engage with under-represented groups, facilitating unique musical events through collaborations with groups that perform a variety of musical styles, such as brass bands, folk music from different cultures, etc.

Fee: £4,800 per year, payable in 12 monthly payments of £400, on submission of an invoice together with a brief report of tasks completed and/or services rendered.

It is anticipated that this role requires on average 7 hours a week, acknowledging that some times of year will be more busy than others. More time is likely to be required in the run-up to Classical Weekend 2023, and this will be remunerated accordingly.

Deadline: 9am Wednesday 7 July