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Melanie Pearson

Writer, Illustrator, Creative, Consultant

Like most creatives, I do a few different things! My default setting is working with cut paper and collage, and I've been drawing with scissors since the age of 6, which isn't bad for a left-hander. I use recycled materials so my work tends to be mixed media, using collage and drawing or paper cuts with 3D elements. These vary in scale from small greetings cards and hand-made comics to large window hangings.

I'm very much self-taught and it's only over the last couple of years that life and caring responsibilities have eased off enough to give me more time for creative work. Although two of my comics are funny stories about cats, I've made two illustrated self-help booklets about caring, love and loss and have more planned as part of a craftivism campaign on behalf of unpaid carers.

As a writer, I have written mainly non-fiction articles on subjects as diverse as social care, green issues and film, and have had work published in The Guardian and Tortoise online journal. 2021 will see the publication of my first book "Somebody Up There Likes Me" (with the editorial help of Guild members Anne Grange and Lorna Partington-Walsh)

I'm also a trained practitioner in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator personality assessment which can be a fantastic resource for managing change, better communications and for general self-confidence. I'm offering taster sessions through the Time Bank here so please get in touch if you're interested.