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Liz von Graevenitz

Artist. Curator. Art Workshop Teacher. Bespoke Event Decor. Event Organiser.

Based in Bloc Studios Sheffield, Graduated in Contemporary Fine Art with First Class Honours. 

'I very much work with my hands – from the seed of an idea through the design process and to the finished piece. This is always an exciting journey! Working to deadlines can be pressured, so fitting in studio time with life/work needs a certain type of navigation! It is important to me that I enjoy creating and making. I love to understand the materials I chose to work with developing my ideas in the process, this opens up a deeper understanding as to how I can use techniques and manipulate materials in different ways, to create a multimedia range of art forms. There is always a deeper thought process running within my art, some provoking and some of a playful nature. I feel that my work should connect to its audience, creating conversations or raise emotions through interaction. Even if what I make speaks to only one person in many, I feel a connection to that being through my visual language, which ripples into another journey.