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Richard Smith

Storyboards, cartoons, caricatures, illustrations, graphics

Hi there. I'm a full-time freelance storyboarder, cartoonist, character and graphic designer of over 30 years' commercial experience.

There are many different styles available - from the downright silly to the all-out dramatic - using both traditional hand-drawn and digital methods (Mac). My main influences, however, are retro 50s and 60s, in both design and characters.

Storyboards include both animation and live action for film/TV/commercials/presentations. Boarded multiple episodes of CBBC's SCREAM STREET, several film shorts, idents and commercials and currently on stand-by for a new pre-school CGI series to be announced.

The biggest strengths here are drawing strong physical gestures and facial expressions while giving good clear directions and notes for the director/producer.

Doing caricatures are great fun too - colour ones from photos, funny ones for websites and live ones at weddings and corporate functions.

Cartoons and illustrations for magazines, blogs and merchandise are a great way of communicating to your audience - for sales, training and information.

Graphic design can be applied to all sorts of publications, presentations, branding and logos.

Clients include CBBC/Coolabi/Factory, ITV, PriceWaterhouseCooper, GlaxoSmithKline, 'A' Productions/Sesame Studios, Joe Elliott/Def Leppard, Network Rail, British Film Institute, EMI, Balfour Beatty, many others.

Let's grab a coffee and a bun some time soon to see how we can help each other develop even further. I look forward to hearing from you soon.