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Asmaa Chaudhry

●Health & Wellbeing Promoter●Beauty Tutor@ WEA ●host ●Artist ●YouTuber ●Cats Fund raiser ●Community Journalist

I studied Law LLB (bachelor of Laws)& Master Degree in Commercial Law, at the University of Huddersfield. Besides my legal degrees & legal experience, I am fed by all things creative

I am an optimist, with a passion to inspire, motivate and empower others to become the best versions of themselves and improve their wellbeing.

My main strengths are being honest, friendly, punctual, reliable, hardworking, passionate, and self taught, social, articulate and eternal positive thinker. 

~I'm running various workshops such as Arts & crafts, card making, Jewellery, flower making & henna patterns workshops to promote health awareness in the Community. I believe through art & culture can make us feel better. 

~If you want to run workshop/groups, let's hire me for your project I'm innovative, passionate & full of ideas. All the money raised through workshops goes to save the Cats& kitten. Please help me to this noble cause.
Email: contact@asmaachaudhry.co.uk

My Quotes:
● "Be an Ambassador for Yourself, Your Community and Your Country"
● "Words have great impact in our lives, they can make, they can break and they can heal us".


● Fund-raised for British Heart Foundation 

● Henna Patterns Workshop on 11 De 2018
● Fun Palaces 2018
● Women only empowerment group in Burngreave
● Confidence Building, IT & Beauty classes for vulnerable
● Introduced 400 underground hobby singers in my Radio show