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Rosie Carnall

Creative Facilitator

I'm an experienced facilitator, happy to work with all kinds of people. I work hard to understand the true purpose of the meeting, workshop or event in order to achieve the best outcome for organisers and participants. 

In the past few years I've been developing a creative practice using the Philosophy for Communities facilitation method. This provides a flexible structure for a group to delve deeper into a question that matters for them. It works well with adults, children and mixed age groups. 

I can take a more traditional approach if preferred - perhaps to help explore a thorny issue, develop strategy or reach a decision. As a writer I facilitate creative writing sessions, sometimes with a craft element and/or use writing exercises as part of other work. And as a qualified mediator I can also offer training in skills for dealing with conflict. 

I enjoy craft activities, games and laughing. And with my background as a mediator and a Quaker all my practice is based in deep listening and space for silence.