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Ola Fagbohun

Consumer Psychologist, Coach and Trainer

Do you want to start or stay in a growing business? Are you doing all you can to attract, retain, and grow your ideal customer base? Have you spent too much time and money on surveys, focus groups or feedback forms that tell you nothing new about your customers? If so, read on. 

We all know that effective customer engagement is at the heart of all successful businesses (and organisations), i.e. the more you can satisfy what your customer 'really' wants, the more revenue your business will see. And if you're worried that you need the profits of Amazon, Google or Apple to learn as much as you can about your ideal customers, think again, because working with me, you can tap into the techniques they use at a fraction of their costs.

Over the last 19 years, working with businesses and organisations, such as Marks and Spencer, British Gas, Mr Kipling, McDonalds, Change for Life, University of Derby (and many more), I have learned much about on- and offline customer decision behaviour. Let me use my experience, a combination of tools and techniques from psychology, behaviour change, research and coaching, sprinkled with a healthy dose of common-business-sense, to help you to uncover the deeply buried attitudes, values and behaviours that influence your customer decision-making. 

Once you have a deeper and true understanding of who your customers are, and what they 'really' want, you can make better informed business decisions, produce marketing that works, and go on to improve your profits/revenue

Please feel free to get in touch with me ( you can book a free 15 minute exploratory session at calendly.com/olafagbohun) and let's explore the ways I can enhance your customer understanding, engagement and your profits.