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Jessica Sinclair

Graphic Designer and Illustrator

I moved to Sheffield in February 2020, and previously I have lived in London and Cambodia. I have worked with start-ups, NGOs and small businesses helping them to connect with their audiences through my designs. I designed and wrote the story for a successful CAD$50,000 Kickstarter campaign for a start-up called Demine Robotics in 2019.

My illustrations go between whimsical and surreal, trying to capture the more fantastical sides of life with a bit of fun sprinkled in! 

I also write and perform poetry (outside of COVID times), with the focus of my poems on mental health and recovery, identity and belonging, and body image. I am currently writing my novel set in a post-zombie apocalypse world.

I am also an avid tarot reader, both for myself and others, and I find it helps me find my way again when I feel lost or stuck.