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Hendrika Stephens

Event Organiser

I work freelance in a number of capacities to include art and mural projects and community workshops as part of Concrete Canvas. We are working to establish a yearly street and graffiti art festival in the city with our launch last Sept as part of the Waterfront and Castlegate festivals. I run a vibrant monthly Flea Market at The Abbeydale Picture House with an exciting recent addition of The Sanctuary Stage. The Stage opens up the opportunity for Sheffield musicians and creatives to perform in this iconic setting whilst raising money for City of Sanctuary. I was the founder of the Sheffield Antiques Quarter. I love living in Sheffield and am proud to call Sheffield home. I love its creative wealth, diversity of cultures and green spaces. For me art is the glue to hold everything together and community is everything. At the moment I feel like I am a non practicing artist - as I struggle to find the time to make however I seem to put this under-utilised aspect of myself into pretty much everything else I do. So it all balances out in the end.