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Allan Noy

Graphic Designer, UX Designer, Illustrator, Composer

Half-Filipino, Middle-East born, designer/illustrator/composer. Work as a UX/visual designer with Hive IT, and freelance in design and music composition. To be fair I only just started music composition for media, but after a few run ups I am seriously considering pursuing the direction.

I run my freelancing under the name Noi Designs. And the goals is to explore, discover and tell unique stories through design and music experiences, so that we better understand ourselves and others.

I try and stick to my personal manifesto when looking at projects:

1) Enjoy the journey

2) Find new stories

3) Celebrate who you are

4) Trail-blaze

5) Find that balance

5) Don't be precious

7) "Everything is connected"

8) Enjoy Silly

9) Make and learn from mistakes

10) There is a first time for everything