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Rebecca Williams


I'm a 36 year old mum to one amazing beautiful soul and photography has always been close to my heart. I can remember from a very young age been fascinated with taking photos and seeing the world from a different perspective. My first camera was a film camera that my nan gave me and I remember her telling me it was an outdoor camera. I took it straight onto a field near me and laid all day taking photos of clouds. I never got them printed but it's such a special memory to me. After many years of being a hobbyist photographer I've finally decided to put my energy into my photography full time. Photography to me is like breathing. I am very instinctual and endeavour to capture emotion in my images. Emotion, authenticity and love go into every image I create and this is what I want people to feel and see when they look at one of my images. My goal is to make people feel happy, sad, joy, excitement, darkness and light in that first moment that they see my image and connect to it as I did when taking it. I am in the process of putting a portfolio together and designing my website.