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Cara McAleese

Creative producer, project manager

Originally from London, I moved to Sheffield about 18 months ago and am loving being in South Yorkshire. I produce, project manage, and consult on arts and health projects. I’ve worked in the arts getting on for 20 years now, mainly in producing and project management.

I love a creative challenge, I love working in partnerships with non-arts organisations to place arts in what they do, and I love making sure top notch quality art is available to anyone and everyone.

It all started with music a long time before I started working and I’ve gone on a winding path from working in music publishing, putting on warehouse parties and playing gigs to working at the Royal Opera House for six years as a producer.

In 2014 I moved more into the area that I love – arts helping people feel good. I’ve worked at Clod Ensemble’s Performing Medicine programme, then the London Symphony Orchestra’s Discovery Programme. From there I became programme manager for the award winning Meet Me at… creative programme for isolated adults in South London. I left to have a child and relocate to Sheffield, but still retain close ties to the programme. I’m now working at darts (Doncaster Community Arts) as an arts and health project manager, and it's great to be part of such a key organisation in the region. Alongside darts I work on freelance projects. Currently I’m working with Age Better in Sheffield/South Yorkshire Housing Association on their Moments of Joy programme, bringing music, dance and hopefully some joy to residents of extra care schemes.