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Madeleina Kay

Artist, Writer, Musician, Activist.

Madeleina Kay is an award winning artist and activist based in Sheffield, UK. She is the author of eight self-published books, including children's fiction and non-fiction art books. She is a songwriter and musician, performing at Open'er Festival 2018 (Poland, Dublin Politics Festival 2018, Glastonbury Festival 2019, Byline Festival 2018 and at the National Justice Museum 2018 and Nikolaikirche Museum (Berlin) 2019. In 2019 she completed a performing and visual research tour of the EU27 part-funded by a 'Democracy Needs Imagination' grant from the European Cultural Foundation. She has won awards for her writing, artwork and documentaries, including the EU in my Region blogging competition 2017, the 'Great British Postcard Competition' 2017, Young European of the Year 2018, UK Charlemagne Youth prize 2020, 'Framing Brexit: EU Idea Visual Award' 2020.