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Owen Richards


I am a freelance photographer based in Sheffield. Shooting editorial, travel and commercial photography through the UK. I have worked with a variety of clients including shooting details of Abbey Road studio for Google, spending a night at New Covent Garden market for A + B studio and making portraits for a range of publications including the Financial Times, The Guardian and record labels including Warp and XL Recordings.

Alongside my work I also photograph projects for myself. I am currently making a study of the woods of Sheffield. When the pandemic and lockdown struck, I would take my young son for a walk everyday to get him to sleep. I passed the woodlands near my house and started to notice how the colours and shapes of the trees changed throughout the seasons. I found it very calming and it helped my mind to escape the difficult circumstances of the last year. Now that my son is older I have started to venture out alone with my camera and make studies of these woods. I hope this is the start of a larger body of work that will allow me to explore green spaces within the city. Woodland Studies